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Office FAQ the Good Seat

Everywhere in France ! We are present in all cities where our partner platforms are active, The Good Seat is a national solution!

3 very simple steps: enter your address, choose an offer, then enjoy the ride with our quality partner!

We are currently working with UBER, LeCAB, Arvey, Le.Taxi
New partners will be announced soon!

No fees! TGS does not add ANY additional costs to the Direct Public Prices of the platforms (prices on their respective applications)!

A driver can’t directly work for TGS. We don’t manage any drivers, but you can get closer to our partner platforms (our partner platforms). Don’t hesitate to apply on their websites! 🙂

The use of your data is strictly anonymous and fully complies with the new GDPR regulation. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

The Good Seat is using APIs to compare the price of your ride in real time, according to your options. Some platforms do not have APIs yet, so we can’t integrate them into our application for the moment.

Users will be able to enter promo codes with which they can pay for a ride or part of a ride whenever they want. A referral programme allowing users to earn additional credits is also being considered.
To summarize: this is a way to simply save his promo codes!

A concern with one of your rides or with the application?
You can report us any problems with the menu ‘Report a problem’ of the application, or by mail via [email protected]

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Octagon without rules.
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