Why The Good Seat is the best Ride Hailing comparing tool ?

  • Posted by: Alex Hayem
Pourquoi The Good Seat est le meilleur comparateur vtc ?

You need a ride right now but you don’t know which one is the cheapest, the fastest or the one with the best rating ?

The Good Seat is the solution you need : it’s the best Ride Hailing comparing tool ! 

Thanks to this app, you can compare within a few minutes different offers before you make your choice. You can choose the cheapest ride or the one that will take you to your destination the fastest way.

How our start-up can offer such a good quality ? Thankfully to a large portfolio of offers which allows you to choose between detailed services.

Our quality is based on the richness of our partnerships with taxi and Ride Hailing companies. The Good Seat gives you the opportunity to book your ride right now in only a couple of minutes. Bonus for you : you can book directly on our appp! No need anymore to use several at once’ ! 

Top 5 Reasons to choose The Good Seat 

  1. Best Ride Hailing comparison tool 
  2. Best price for your ride
  3. Easy and fast booking in one app
  4. Available in all France
  5. Numerous partnerships and more to come

Our strength ?  Our range of compared offers gets bigger everyday because of our new partnerships ! You can already enjoy the comparison between 8 Ride Hailing and Taxi platforms  :

  • Uber
  • Marcel
  • G7
  • Heetch
  • Kapten
  • Youngo
  • AlloVTCLyon
  • MySam

Your satisfaction and your security are our priorities, this is why we are already working on the 2.0 version of the app, always fastest and efficient !

Go right now on our app and book your next ride !

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